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The History of the Marchon Family

Text by Albino José Marchon

The known history of the Marchon Family remounts the IX Century, when our ancestors lived in Ireland. Occurs, then, the terrible vikings assaults, and, in mass, they go to Great Britain – in the most ancient known migration of the family. And then, they go to Continental Europe – France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy.

In Vuisternens-en-Ogoz, Fribourg, Switzerland, the true “Land of the Marchons” the most ancient known written register of our family is of April 22, 1407 concerning the recognition of Perronctus, called “Guilhod de Wistarnens ante pontem in Ogo” (Wistarnens ante pontem in Ogo was the ancient name of Vuisternens-en-Ogoz in Latin), by the married couple Johameti Marchon. In the XVI Century the Marchon family of Vuisternens-en-Ogoz constructed a nice and typical farm house near the Gibloux. This house, since then unhabited by the Marchons, lamentably was destructed by fire in July 1934, and not reconstructed, having remained by four centuries, projecting the history of Swiss Marchons in this long period.

In this house was born in January 23, 1794, Jean-Claude Marchon, the third son of François Marchon and Marie Charrière Marchon, as well as his 10 brothers and sisters: Jean-Joseph, Jacques-Joseph (married with Cathérine Maradan and his son Antoine Hilaire, married with Marie Alphonsine Périsset, his son Etienne Léon, married with Cathérine Isabelle Bilbaum, his son Georges Aimé, married with Gabrielle Chappuis, his daughter Huguette, married with Jean-Marie Genoud, his son Robert and his daughter Isabelle), Jean-Pierre, Antoine, Antoine II, Marie-Anne, Anne-Josephine, Jean-Claude II, Françoise and Marie-Anne II. And from Switzerland the Marchons go to: United States of America, Brasil, Egypt, Russia, Polland, China, Peru, Canada.

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