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Day 6

16 Feb 2000: Kommetjie - Cape Point - Simon's Town

After having our first breakfast in the camper, we drove off towards the south, to Cape Point, the southernmost point of Africa. Well, actually it's not, but it looks much more spectacular than Cape Agulhas, which really is the southermost tip of Africa, but you wouldn't know it being there if it weren't for the plaque telling you so. That's probably why most people go to Cape Point... ;-)

Well, anyway, it's really a beautiful place and it was a beautiful day. It's definitely worth visiting...

After that, we drove back up the Cape Peninsula, this time on the eastern shore, until we got to Simon's Town, where we found a nice campground a little outside of town, up on the hill a bit. There, we put our camper and watched a couple try to mount their tent in the gusty wind ... it was fun, really.

Distance traveled: ca. 70 km

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