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Day 16

September 23, 2000
Banff, AB - Canmore, AB
83 miles

Although we intended to stay in the Banff area for two night, we could only get a room for one night the previous evening, so we decided to drive a few miles further down the valley to Canmore, the first town outside the National Park. There, we found a room at the first place we stopped and then drove back up the valley, passing Banff and then taking the old highway towards Lake Louise.

At Johnston Canyon, we stopped and decided to take a hike. Having put on our hiking boots, we walked on a nice wide paved path through the canyon, past beautifal waterfalls and through narrow places. After a while, the paving ceased and we walked on, now definitely with fewer fellow tourists among us. The path became steeper and finally we reached the valley above the canyon, where we enjoyed the view of the surrounding mountains.

After a rest and some food, we returned the same way we came, stopping at the lodge near the parking lot for something to drink and some shopping in the souvenir store, where most of the things were for sale, as it was already late in the season.

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