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8 August 2001

Last weekend, I was down in Johannesburg (South Africa) for the migration of South African Airways' reservation system to our (Atraxis') reservation system. I was involved in a project that took care of the migration of the internet booking engine, which is now talking to AxsRes - the Atraxis reservation system. I'd actually been working on that booking engine interface almost since I started working here last October, but this is the first actual implementation of that component.

On the flight back, I was thinking that the last 12 months have been my busiest 12 months so far - travelwise. Since September last year, I have been to (in this order) Toulouse via Basel, Washington - Seattle - New York, Lugano, Dublin (5 round trips, sometimes with a connection in London or Brussels), Stockholm, Basel (one-way only), San Francisco, Hanover, Copenhagen, Hamburg and now twice in Johannesburg (I had been there for some preparations in May of this year already). Had I been able to collect frequent flyer miles on all those trips (which unfortunately I wasn't...), I'd surely be a member of Travel Club by now. What a pity ...

... and you know what happened at the office after I got back from Johannesburg yesterday? My boss told me I had to go to Dubai next week. What a coincidence ... ;-)

Well, don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining at all. I like traveling around and I like the feeling of airports and airplanes. Since we won't be going on a big vacation this year, these business trips (well, not all of them were business trips) at least give me the opportunity to travel around a bit. And you know, on long haul flights we get to fly business class, too ...

Why no big vacation this year, you ask? Well, my girlfriend is pregnant and we'll be getting a baby towards the end of September, so that's why we won't be doing much traveling this fall. But I'm really looking forward to that event ...!

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