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Associação da Família Marchon

Text by Albino José Marchon

The origin of the congregation of the clan Marchon was implicit in the will reiterate expressed by my dear father Eurico Marchon, when he press us to make acquaintance and connect more with all descendents of the Marchons here and in Old World, specially Switzerland. Our congregation will rend concrete the true espirit of confraternization, the true “sprit de corps” of the Marchons. (Fig.3)

Fifteen years after his death, in 1986, three grandsons: Lúcia de Souza (today Xavier, daughter of Pedro de Souza and Nair Marchon de Souza), Georgeta de Souza (today Antunes, daughter of Androgeu Pinheiro de Souza and Carmem Marchon de Souza) and Guilherme Emmerich Marchon (son of Agenor Marchon and Edith Emmerich Marchon), who worked in Editora Quintessência do Brasil, owned by me and my brother Paulo, programmed the I Encontro Gerações Eurico Marchon (I Meeting Generations Eurico Marchon) and I Congresso de Primos da Família Marchon e Afins (I Congress of Cousins of the Family Marchon and Relatives) in September, 12 and 13, 1986 in the Convention Center of the Hotel Sans Souci, in Nova Friburgo, brasilian cradle of the Marchons, the Balmats, the Monnerats, the Berberts, the Jaccouds, the Oberländers, the Curtys, the Tardins, the De Roures, the Gerhards, the Eggers, the Emmerichs, the Spitz. And the transformation occured and we get, truly, the I Encontro de Gerações Marchon (I EGeM), I Meeting of Generations Marchon, I Rencontre des Générations Marchon. (Fig. 4)

In September 29, 1990, Centennial of Eurico Marchon, was criated in Araruama, RJ, the Associação da Família Marchon, by the occasion of the III EGeM.

In January 8, 1994 was inaugurated, in the Cemetery Pedra Riscada, the Monument of the Bicentennial of Jean-Claude Marchon, a nice work by brasilian architect Gustav Adolf Engmann, my brother-in-law, made with granite Caleidoscópio, originated in the resting-places of the State of Goiás, of the Mineração Marchon, owned by Paulo Marchon and Ismael Marchon. This was the VI EGeM, in which we made a peregrination to the tomb of Jean-Claude and Marie Anne and visited the sapucaia (sapucaya) planted by Jean-Claude, at least 170 years ago. Too, in lands of the ancient farm, was made the transplantation of a pine tree (sapin) provenient of the forest of Gibloux, in Vuisternens-en-Ogoz, Fribourg, Switzerland, donated by Georges Aimé Marchon, descendent of Jacques-Joseph, brother of Jean-Claude; the marrains were Alda Euphrásia de Oliveira Marchon Berbert, the only grandchild of Jean Claude, representant of the brasilian side, and Huguette Marchon Genoud, daughter and representant of Georges Aimé Marchon and of the Marchons of Switzerland To finish, in Lumiar, in the dependencies of the Escola Estadual Carlos Maria Marchon (state school), was served a “boeuf strogonov”, made by Jean-Marie Genoud, husband of Huguette and “maître-cuisinier”. (Figs. 5 and 6)

Until now the Associação da Família Marchon realized 16 meetings, about 1.700 Marchons, from whom 35% stay in all the meetings. Some made a long trip of about 12000 kilometers – from Switzerland, some a not so long trip of about 7000 kilometers – from United States of America and some about 3000 kilometers – from Brasil! We have a centennial Climério Moisés Marchon, with more than 90 years as Maria Marchon Leão, Cecília Marchon Bragança Santos, Manoel Bragança Santos, Alda Euphrásia de Oliveira Marchon Berbert and we have too new-born as Lívia Dinora Araújo Marchon, Bernardo Marchon de Souza Antunes, Manoela Marchon de Almeida e Tais Marchon Barbosa.

In 2001 was criated the Ordem Jean-Claude Marchon, an honorific international order of the Associação da Família Marchon as a honor money to be granted, In Memorian and In Vivo.

And next year, we intend to do our XVII Meeting of Generations Marchon, near Rio de Janeiro and Pedra Riscada, in August, 1 and 2, 2004 and the Marchons world-wide are invited specially thanks the happy reception in your website by our cousin and friend Marcel Marchon.

Next January certainly we will have news about our XVI Meeting of Generations Marchon and, please, stay at your convenience to communicate with us.

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