The Marchon Family - '98 Southwest

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Day 2

August 29, 1998: Daly City, CA - Reno, NV: 306.7 miles

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, CA

I thought, "well, I'll get up in the morning and drive over to the beach first. Just to have a look at the ocean." But what do I have to see? Fog. Dense, ugly, gray fog. So, forget about the beach. I get in my car and drive through downtown, over the Golden Gate bridge (it's free in that direction) and along the northern shore of the bay towards Sacramento. As soon as I'm a little bit inland, the sun comes out and the day gets hot. After stopping at a Safeway somewhere along the interstate, I drive through Sacramento and then eastward on US 50, making a left turn in the Sierra foothills to get to Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, CA, the place where the whole Forty-Niner gold rush thing started. General Sutter hat a farm or something there and some guy found some gold in the river...

Later, I drove on in a northerly direction and finally turned east to cross the Sierra over Donner Pass. My final stop for the day wasReno, NV, where I got a hotel room and went to explore "the biggest little city in the world".

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