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Day 2

12 Feb 2000: Cape Town, South Africa

Well, first of all, one small hint for all of you who might want to visit this place in the middle of northern hemisphere winter: bring some sunblocker and USE IT! It get's quite warm here - but not necessarily noticeably so, since there is always a breeze blowing some cooler air around out. Which makes you think "oh well, it doesn't feel this hot after all ..." (it was almost 30 degrees C ...), but since this is about the same latitude as - say - Morocco (only the other way round, you understand...), the sun is really quite strong. You might actually event want to wear some long sleeved shirt or something.

We didn't get up that early, since it had been a long day and we really had no reason to do so. We were on vacation after all and for me, sleeping in is always an important part of a vacation. Well, you're supposed to get some rest during that time, you know ... :-)

The sun was shining outside, thought, and we really were looking forward to catching our first glimpse of the famous table mountain (it was covered with clouds all the time, it turned out, which is quite normal a phenomenon actually - it's called the "table cloth"...), we did manage to get out of bed by around midday and made our way over to the "Victoria and Alfred Waterfront" area - a really nice collection of converted old warehouses and docks, some still serving their original purpose. We took long walks along the waterfront, browsed through the shops, drank coffee and milk shakes, etc. etc. In fact, we spend the whole afternoon there and then got back to the hotel, where we had dinner and drinks in the adjacent restaurant (which was quite emtpy that evening but packed when we visited again on Valentine's night...).

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