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Day 7

17 Feb 2000: Simon's Town - Muizenberg - Hermanus - Gansbaai

After a stormy (well, just windy, really ...) night, we rose to a very nice morning and, after breakfast and a shower in the "ablution block", we set off along the coast towards the east. Along the way, we stopped at a big shopping center (hey, wait a minute, which country is this again? I thought we were in South Africa ...) for some groceries and stuff.

At Hermanus, a nice but quite touristy fishing village, we stopped for some early afternoon lunch and started looking for a campground. No luck. So we drove on to the small village of Gansbaai, where we found a nice small place, right on the beach. We decided, we liked it there. Well, it was the end of the road anyway, so we didn't really have a choice ... ;-)

Distance traveled: ca. 195 km

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