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Day 11

September 18, 2000
Prince Rupert, BC - Smithers, BC
230 miles

The next few days, we drove from the Pacific Coast at Prince Rupert into the middle of the Canadian Rockies along Yellowhead Highway. The first section took us inland, towards the mouth of the Skeena River and then along the river up the valley. At first, the river looked like an inlet of the ocean and only after a while, it really started looking like a river. Next to us, also following the valley, was the Canadian National railroad - but we didn't really see that many trains.

At around midday, we stopped in Terrace at a gas station/laundromat to do some laundry and also to fill up on gas. Then it was back on the road, along mountain valleys with colorful autumn trees. We finally stopped for the night about halfway between Prince Rupert and Prince George, in Smithers, a nice little town rather in the middle of nowhere (well, at least according to Swiss standards ...).

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